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5:50pm December 21st]
[ mood | mellow ]


it's friends only.

add me & i'll add you.

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2:45pm December 21st]
[ mood | determined ]

Today was pretty good. In Spanish we watched this Rudolph cartoon. It was so awesome, it seriously made my day. Seriously. Then in math we had a substitute.. that was awesome. Anything's better than Mr. Clark for 40 minutes. Haha, actually he's gotten a lot better. Anyway, then English... um yeah.. you all have Mrs. Norton so I don't need to go into detail about that, do I? Tomorrow we get our "Christmas presents" in Civics. It's probably like bonus points or something. Hah.

I'm hopefully going Christmas shopping tonight. I don't want to go alone though, and nobody can go with me. It's very sad... I'm going to call Jennie and see if she wants to go, because she was going to go with me this weekend if I had gone. Yeahh. My stomach XRays turned out fine, so now they need to scope me. I don't want them sticking a camera down my fucking throat! Ahhh.. it's so scary. Actually, my stomachs been feeling somewhat better, so that's a good sign.

I'm making this Friends Only again with my new layout I think. I want to know who's reading this and such. So, I'm doing a Friends Cut, if you want to stay on the list add me & comment.

I don't have much else to write about. I got my haircut.. it looks really bad. I didn't want it cut. Christmas in four days, what are you all getting me??


4:58pm December 20th]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Here's the pictures you all wanted me to put in here. Sorry they aren't resized... I didn't want to resize 50 something pictures..Collapse )

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10:42am December 18th]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well, I'm finally updating again. This weeks been a very long one, to say the least. Hah.

On Thursday I had Xrays for my stomach. They made me drink really disgusting stuff. It was soo gross. It tasted like, really chalky. Yucky.. yeah, they still haven't gotten back to us on how they turned out though. Yesterday I went to the JV game with Katie P. During the varsity game I was really bored, so I left. I felt really, awkward... hah. So then today, I might be going Christmas shopping with Jennie, and to Pizza Hut I guess, then to Meagans. Sounds like it will be a blast. I haven't hung out with my friends in forever actually, so it should be really fun.

I learned that my new computer has the software for my camera already installed! AHH! I'm so damn happy, now I don't need to find mine to take pictures. Sucky thing, I can't find a USB cord. GRR.

I thought this would have been a really long entry... I mean I could have gotten into details about my week, like my pictures in Spanish and stuff. Hahahaha. Yeah.. MY MOM JUST FOUND A USB! YES!



1:50pm December 14th]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I'm really sick of this...

Sick of being sick. I went home early yesterday feeling naucious and stuff. So we went to the doctors, they think I have some stomach disorder thing. So they ran some blood tests and still haven't gotten back to us. It sucks... I just caught up in everything too! Hopefully I'll be going to school tomorrow. Shit... ohh no. I just realized that that dumb atom thing is due on Thursday! ARGH! Katie.. is it just the report or the WHOLE thing??

This sucks.. it really does.

My weekend blew. I went to my cousins on Saturday night, that was actually pretty fun. But other than that I was bored out of my mind. I haven't hung out with anybody outside of school in so long! It feels so weird. I haven't been online at all either. I can finally play the Sims Superstar and I'm so addicted it's crazy. I played it for like 4 hours yesterday! Haha.. yeahhh I'm cool, I know.

I hope I'm better by this weekend. If I'm better by tomorrow perhaps Katie can come over afterschool and we can work on our atom thing. I'm gonna go do research for it.. so comment.

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10:28am December 11th]
[ mood | energetic ]

This computer is so awesome!

Sad thing is, Mom just went to the emergency room. Hope she's allright. :-\

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7:53am December 11th]
[ mood | awake ]

This is going to be such a long weekend. Long as in busy wise. Today I'm setting up the new computer, I need to wait until Tara wakes up though cause she wants to watch. She's queer. Hah. Today I'm going to Jennie's til around 6-7.. so if anybody wants to do anything AFTER that, let me know. Then tomorrow, I really want to hang out with Katie and Sara. Idk though. Hmm..

I woke up at 7:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It sucks.

Things are really getting heated in Matt's community. It's fun though. Matt! I just thought of something!! You should have like Member of the Month things.. well you should call it The Ian because I'll always win it, but yeah! BUWAHAHAH!

I'm mad tired. I can't believe we got a new computer. It's soooo awesome. Just by looking at it I know it's gonna be. We got the computer which has CD, DVD players and burners, a 17" flat screen moniter ((its so cool)) and a printer/ scanner/ photocopier!! How awesome is that? I can't wait to use it. I'll like be on 24/7 though. Tara might be getting this computer after. I don't want it, I'd rather just get a job next year and buy my own or something like that.

I don't know what else to say so I'll leave you with ...


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8:35pm December 10th]

I got an early Christmas present today...

A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, it's so awesome. I'm so excited!


6:33am December 10th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

New layout. What do you all think?


8:04pm December 9th]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today was so long. It seemed to drag on forever... I mean, the beginning of the day flew right by, and so did last period but everything in between was a total bore.

Tommorow's Friday. Ahh, omg I can't wait. I want it to be the weekend now. I hope I get to see Sara Bara! Idk... Saturday I'm going over to Jennie's house, but I'm not sure what time yet. It should be fun though, I get to meet her doggy Spike! Haha. Then on Sunday I'm not doing anything. We need to do that Secret Santa thing though. Ugh, I have almost NO time at all to do anything. Because I want to hang out with Katie and Sara on Friday night or Sunday or something, but we might be going Christmas shopping for all our family ((aunt's, uncle's, cousins)) ahh, sometimes I wish I had no life. Haha, I need a weekend of just rest soon though. I've been wearing myself out.

I have tutoring tomorrow. I don't really want to go, there isn't anything he can teach me or help me with at this point. I've pretty much done everything. I have maybe one or two math assignments that I need to do, but that's all. I've finished everything else. Oh well, maybe if I do the math in study hall tomorrow I won't have to stay for very long. I mean, it's Friday, I just want to go home. I don't want to stay after on the weekend.

The band concerts on Thursday of next week. Joy, joy. I can't play one of the songs, it's all low notes. I can't play those yet, it still kind of hurts. I had my follow-up for my tonsils today. The doctor said everything looked fine, just they were still a little red on the sides and that they'll hurt a little until Christmas. UGH, that pisses me off. At least I can do gym and stuff now. And I'll be able to eat Christmas dinner! YAY! =)

That's about it, later.


4:57pm December 8th]
[ mood | crappy ]

There is absolutely NOTHING to do. I'm mad crazy bored it's not even funny.

I want to change my layout. I don't like it. It's just, I don't know... ugly. I hate my layouts now. They're just, ugly. I never make good ones anymore. I got too confident I guess then starting sucking.

I forgot to stay after with Miss Jordan today. I was supposed to make up a test and quiz. Damnit. I have tutoring on Friday so I guess I'll be seeing her on Monday or something. That's what I get for not writing it down or something. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. My tonsil follow-up. I don't want to go, it's all the way in friggen Waterville. It sucks.

I don't know what else to say. School was a bore to say the least. Comment-


4:38pm December 7th]
[ mood | under the weather ]

Ahh, I have no clue what to write about.

I went home early today. I don't know what was wrong I just had this shooting pain in my stomach. It's feeling a little better now, which is good. I slept, and watched Friends DVD's. I just got done playing Grand Theft Auto. Ugh, dumb chinese people in that game. They make me so angry! Haha.

I was just thinking, I really don't like that underscore in my username. Should I change it? Hmm..

I'm going to do some more make up work tonight. Probably finish all my Civics stuff and then pass it in when I stay after to take the test and quiz that I missed. I should probably study for them. That class is so easy though, I ace everything. So Miss Jordan practically sent me to the nurse today because I looked so bad, and I went and tried staying to see if drinking water would make me feel better but it didn't, so I called my mom. Well, actually Mrs. Sherman did, but oh well.

Holy shit! Mr. Ravan like flipped out at me this morning!! Jennie called me so I answered it, I mean, school hadn't started yet so I was like "yeah w/e." But he kept going "I SAID HANG UP!" in his southern accent. Dumb tucan Ravan! He had a "talk" with me in homeroom about how cellphones aren't allowed and shit. I was like "I don't care, school hadn't started yet shut up." Ha, no I wasn't but I shoulda been. :-)

Katpat! Are we still on for tomorrow after I finish my Civics test?? I'm definatly going to school tomorrow, so you need not to worry! I still think we should do a movie for our element. Haha. JK!

Ahh, okay that's all I have to write about. I guess I'll be putting my new layout up tonight. It's not that great though, and I already made another one. Because the thing is I don't know what to do as a damn icon! Ugh, it makes me SO ANGRY! I'll think of something, even if it's really fugly. Haha.



6:26am December 7th]
[ mood | happy ]


Have an awesome birthday my hot-sexy wife! This weekend Katie and I are making you a barbie cake. Love you muchos muchos!!

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6:50am December 6th]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Lalala... waiting for my ride to get here.

It is as fun as it sounds!

My stomach hurts. I don't care. Ha, I'll take a tums or something. I woke up and I was so tired so I had like, a whole pot of coffee and it still hasn't kicked in. Woah.. I feel bad for people in my classes though.

Tutoring today. I hope Mr. England doesn't recognize me from seventh grade. Ha, he hated me and Daisy so much!

I'll update more when I get home... I was just bored and decided to be like...


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4:27pm December 5th]
[ mood | lazy ]

Yeah, some weird person just IMed me saying she went to my school and is in my grade. Nicky Tolman, anybody know her? Oh well, she's kinda weird. She was like... well weird, I don't want to get into the conversation.

We brought our Christmas decorations down from upstairs. We're decorating this week, and hopefully getting our tree. We were going to get it today, but I don't know what happened with that. This weekend was kind of boring, but I'm kinda glad I didn't do anything. It was relaxing, and I needed the rest. Matt, by the way, I don't think you have a sleeping problem because I only get 4-6 hours of sleep a night too. Sometimes more, but it's rare. I rented movies last night. Spiderman 2, Dodgeball, and Elf. I don't really like Elf, I got that for my sister because she was in the parade when I got them. My mom had her work Christmas party last night too, and I was the one that had to help her pick out her Yankee Swap present. It was very boring. I just picked the first thing I saw. Haha.. I'm so kind.

I should probably start some homework. I have a tutoring sesson thing afterschool tomorrow. I don't see why, I'm pretty much caught up in my classes. And it's with a fucking ed-tech, Mr. England, whom I hate, and he hates me. It should be so much fun.

I need money. I need to buy presents, I hate not having money this time of year. Usually my parents buy all my gifts to people for me, but I want to earn the money to do it this year. It just seems more personal and stuff. Meagan and I think that we should do the Secret Santa thing again with people. I mean, I for one don't have enough money to buy EVERY one of my friends a present. Does that sound like something anybody would want to do??

I'm going to go now... don't know what I'm going to do, but it'll be something. haha.


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10:48am December 4th]
[ mood | blah ]


I'm bored. I wanna do something today, get out of the house. There's like... nothing to do. ARRGH! Haha.. sorry.

I'm going to call Abby this afternoon about getting together. I don't know when Matt's track practice gets over. Damn track! Wait.. I'll ask Tess! She's making me hold on... lalalala. Okay yeah. I haven't hung out with Joanna for a while, I just realized that when she signed on. I mean, we sit together at lunch, but that doesn't really count. Sad... I never hang out with a bunch of my friends anymore. The last time I hung out with Meagan was at the play! Woah...

I don't have anything to write about. This was really a pointless entry. I'm going to make a new layout soon. Desperate Housewives haha! It's going to focus mainly on Gabrielle, because she's the best. I'm so mad I can't find a picture of her stuffing her HUGE bag. haha. My dad made me an omelet this morning. It was really good.

Betty still hasn't popped. I'm kind of relieved, I'm scared about having 30 something babies like every other month. Anybody want some? Let me know.


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6:09pm December 3rd]
[ mood | irritated ]

Wow.. sorry for the lack of updating. This weeks been like a roller-coaster. I stayed home Monday and Tuesday, may have already written about this. I don't remember. Anyways, got into a disagreement with Katie P, but everything allright now. OMG Katie! I thought of better shirts than the Down With The System shirts! Call me... or IM me. It's grand. Anyhow, went to school on Wednesday, but went home early, stayed home Thursday.

So today was my first full day back at school. It was so tiring, but I made it. Band my mouth hurt so bad I was crying because I tried playing my saxophone. Omg, it hadn't hurt that bad since like 5 days after the surgery. Yeah, I was so relieved that I wasn't bleeding or anything. Gym was very boring. I don't get to do anything, just sit and watch people play basketball. Or what I think is basketball.. haha just kidding. Lexi did really good today though! Good job Lexi!!Haa

I want to hang out with Abby this weekend. I don't know though, I tried calling her and she wasn't home. Hopefully we can work out something. One thing I'm doing this weekend -- sleeping.

Why is it I'm harrased by people half my size? I'll just copy and paste when I told Matt because I don't feel like typing it all again.

xbrOkndreams: Okay, I have another story about fourth graders harrassing me!
N i k e RnR 4: hahaha
xbrOkndreams: I was walking home, very cold and my tailbone hurt, cause I slipped in English... so anyways these three like fourth graders came walking towards me on the tracks all gangster-like saying "oh, yeah you arn't that big" and i was so pissed i almost shoved them down the hill but i was like "think of the steps... think of the steps" and so anyway I just told them to grow up and I continued to walk.
xbrOkndreams: Well, they start THROWING ROCKS AT ME!
N i k e RnR 4: omg i woulda taken out my pen and stabbed them
N i k e RnR 4: !
xbrOkndreams: None of them hit me so I was like "yeah your aim sucks..." and they were like "oh yeah!?" so they kept throwing and i was getting pissed and then they started following me home i was like omg give me a break... i mean these kids must have no lives.. so anyways, as they continued to throw rocks at me i turned around and said "throw one more thing at me and i swear i will call the police" so they did and I took out my cell phone and showed it to them and i pretended to dial, and then this fat mother fucker was like "oh shit bitches! he's doing it" so they ran off and i was like "aww yeah! go ian!!"
xbrOkndreams: but i swear i wanted to fucking push them down that hill and step on their faces
xbrOkndreams: because we all know I could
xbrOkndreams: and i maybe would
N i k e RnR 4: HAHAHA! omg thats funny
xbrOkndreams: god..
N i k e RnR 4: "oh shit bitches"
xbrOkndreams: AND THEY WERE LIKE 9!
N i k e RnR 4: yeah
N i k e RnR 4: blame their parents
xbrOkndreams: I'm sick of having friggen people half my size attempt to pick a fight w/ me.
xbrOkndreams: At least I haven't seen Porky for a while.
N i k e RnR 4: who's porky?
xbrOkndreams: that fat kid with the "18 y/o brother"
N i k e RnR 4: ooooh him haha
xbrOkndreams: why are they always 18??
xbrOkndreams: I shoulda said "I'll get my 17 year old sister... she'd kill you just by looking at you."
N i k e RnR 4: poor tara!!
N i k e RnR 4: haha
xbrOkndreams: lol
xbrOkndreams: OMG It just makes me soa opthpq34t 098u53kjrehfda
xbrOkndreams: well i've vented now. hah
xbrOkndreams: I found out that Ms. Sawyer 8 has the influenza virus
xbrOkndreams: what the fuck is up w/ tess' profile??
xbrOkndreams: l i v e S T R O N G <----------
N i k e RnR 4: it's tess
N i k e RnR 4: you shouldn't be surprised
N i k e RnR 4: oh she does
N i k e RnR 4: thats where she is!
xbrOkndreams: do you like the link i made :-D
xbrOkndreams: wtf!? I keep getting emails saying "get payperview for FREE!"
N i k e RnR 4: haha
xbrOkndreams: I DONT WANT TO!
xbrOkndreams: I'm in a very angry mood today.
xbrOkndreams: omg
xbrOkndreams: wtf is up with the goat on livejournal?
N i k e RnR 4: he's gay
xbrOkndreams: I know, but theres like christmas lights on him!
N i k e RnR 4: i hope he gets burned with his dumb christmas lights!
N i k e RnR 4: i know
N i k e RnR 4: he's dumb
N i k e RnR 4: he's getting himself into a big mess
xbrOkndreams: I should vandilize it.
xbrOkndreams: Like hack into it and BURN THE GOAT!
N i k e RnR 4: haha
N i k e RnR 4: how are you going to hack in?
xbrOkndreams: I'll find a way!
xbrOkndreams: I just commented in your livejournal.
N i k e RnR 4: oh nice job fucker
N i k e RnR 4: you'll be the first to know my new wonderful creative livejournal name!
xbrOkndreams: Oh I feel so special.
N i k e RnR 4: hitler_style420
xbrOkndreams: Is it Slut4LifeHoBaby6
N i k e RnR 4: No taht's my private lj name
N i k e RnR 4: where i write about my slut life
xbrOkndreams: oh, okay
xbrOkndreams: I should make that.
xbrOkndreams: And go to a bunch of weird sites.
N i k e RnR 4: no we should both write in it! and put it on our friends list
N i k e RnR 4: and write a bunch of dirty stuff and say that its Hannah Rae's journal!
xbrOkndreams: hahaha
xbrOkndreams: I lost my livestrong!!
xbrOkndreams: Well, I didn't lose it.. but I dont have it for the time being
N i k e RnR 4: why
xbrOkndreams: Stupid Corrie asked me if she could look at it, so I was like "yeah give it back at the end of class though" and i forgot to get it!
N i k e RnR 4: dumb clown!

It's more than the story, because the IM window was messing up when I tried getting just part of it. Stupid AIM..


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11:25am November 30th]
[ mood | sore ]

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I've been really busy with my fish. My fish Shircle started acting really weird so I've been at this fish website talking to a bunch of people about what to do and stuff. Last night we went to Petco (where the pets go) and bought a breeding compartment. I put Shircle and Betty in there. Hopefully it works ok. Does anybody want some Balloon Molly or Sunburst Wag Platy babies when they're old enough to leave? Let me know...

OMG! Last night at Petco I saw the UGLIEST goldfish! They had like huge bug eyes and stuff! Gross... We went into the avairy and looked at birds. I've decided they are way too annoying, so I don't think I'll be getting one. I might get a turtle, because I saw some there and they were really cool. Idk, I might still get a bird, or maybe even a rabbit. I really need to get up in my room and finish cleaning it out. Haha.

I stayed home the past two days though, my throats been killing me and I've been so drained of energy. No matter what though, I'm going back tomorrow. I can't stand this house anymore. Haha.. I've been so bored and stuff. I made my Christmas list though. Can you believe it's only like, 26 days away?! There's only 3 more weekends until Christmas. It's kind of scary. I feel bad, I have no money... so I don't know what I'm going to do about presents. Maybe I'll learn how to knit and make everybody mittens. Hah.. yeah right. I think we're getting a 55 GALLON tank for Christmas!!!!! I'm not sure though, last night my mom was looking at them. That'd be so awesome... I love having fish. Hahaha.

What else is there to write about? Oh yeah, I went to see the Spongebob Movie on Sunday with my cousins Lauren, Erica, my sister and Jennie. That movie was hilarious, Jennie and I were laughing the whole time at the stupidest things. I got my LIVESTRONG bracelet too! I'm so happy!! Haha. We went to the mall too, and that got me really tired. A little too much activity, that's one of the reasons I didn't go to school yesterday. I knew I'd be going home, or I would have collapsed.

I've lost almost 20 pounds! I told my mom on the way to the movies, "Hey mom, four more pounds and you owe me a cell phone," because our original agreement was if I lost 20 lbs, she'd get my a cell phone. Haha. Yeahh.

Well that's about it. I don't have much else to say. Comment--

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2:52pm November 27th]
[ mood | cranky ]


Hhaha.. Happy Birthday Meat Pole! Ha.

I didn't get to get a new phone. I got the same one. I hate Unicel, they don't let you trade in for a new phone without paying the full RETAIL price. Like they're phones are $49.95, but what they don't tell you is that's only if your willing to sign a 24 month agreement, but we already have a contract so we would have spent 100 something dollars on my phone. I hate Unicel, I really do. So now I still have the same UGLY phone. UGH!!

I'm bored. REALLY bored.

Guess that's all. I don't really have that much to write about, maybe I'll give Jennie a call and see if she wants to do something today, who knows. Later--

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11:59am November 25th]
[ mood | good ]

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm feeling better, but I still won't be able to eat. This holiday sucks, oh well. I love the feeling though. Everybody's always so happy, careless. It's great, it's a time where you can just forget about your problems and be normal. It's a chance to chill from a stressful year.

Wow, seems like yesterday was Halloween though. This year is flying by. Monday I go back to school! I can't wait!! Hahaha. I miss KATIE!!! and everybody else, haha.

Well, we're having people come here then like 438061847096236 people come for what my parents call "desert and drinks" which translates into drunks keeping me up until 4 AM. Oh well. :o)

Jennie couldn't come over yesterday, her mom wouldn't let her. No livestrong. She might come tomorrow. That'd actually be better for me because I can talk better now. I talked on the phone for the first time yesterday, like actual conversation. She kept making fun of my voice though. Ha. KATIE P! You should call me so we can make retard love. ha, just kidding.

Well, I might get my new cell phone tomorrow. Depends on how things turn out.. hope you all have a great holiday!

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